muhabbat jhoot lagti hay – Poetry

muhabbat jhoot lagti hay mujhay
ik khookhla jazba
jisay izhar ki her waqt khuwahish hoo
kahay janay ki
sunanay ki
jisay her pal zaroorat hoo
“mujhay tum say muhabbat hay”
na janay rooz kitnay loog
is jumlay ko sunnnay k liyay baidar hotay hain
ye aisa jhoot hay jis ka sehr
sadioo’n say tari hay
magar janaa’n
muhabbat jab kabhi izhaar ko tersay
koi tum say ager kahday
“mujhay tum say muhabbat hay”
to us ki baat mat sunnana
muhabbat rooh say phootay
muhabbat aks ban jaye
to phir tum ko yaqee’n aye
k main nay sach kaha tum say
muhabbat rooh ban jaye
to phir us ka yaqee’n kerna
waerna aik jumla koi kitni baar duhraaye
kahay jayee
nahi sunnuna
muhabbat jhoot hay janaa’n
ager izhaar ki is ko zaroorat hoo.



  1. A tired man came home late from his whole day hard work.
    His 5 year old son was waiting for him at the door.

    Son- Dad, May I ask You a Question ?

    Dad- ya

    Son- Dad, How much do you make an hour?

    Dad – that’s not your business.

    Son- Please tel me.

    Dad- 20 $ per hour.

    Son- Dad,May I please borrow 10 $ .?

    Dad Got Angry ‘n shouted on the kid to go to the bed.
    The little boy went to the room ‘n shut the door.

    After sometime man got calm ‘n
    he went to kid’s room ‘n said-
    Sorry for being so hard. Here’s Your 10 $ u asked for.

    Kid smiled- ohhh… Thank You So Much daddy !
    Then boy took out some coins he had kept under the pillow,
    he counted them ‘n said-

    “Dad, I have 20 $ now.
    Can I buy an hour of your time ?

    Please come home early Tomorrow.

    Moral – Please Give time to People who love You.. !!!


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